Testing & QA Services

Minimize business risk and optimize performance

Enterprises are striving to improve the quality, reliability and performance of their IT systems through innovative methods without compromising customer satisfaction. However, application failures from software defects pose a major business risk, as they lead to rework, system outages, software failures,and in turn, revenue loss. Admysys Testing and Quality Assurance Services help you to minimize such risks and optimize the performance of your software system, resulting in fewer defects, higher quality, and very lower cost. Most importantly, it reduces the risk that software defects will cause a major system outage.

Admysys Testing & QA Services

Our Test Process consulting is anchored around the Different SDLC model which ensures an end-to-end, fully customization service to enterprises, and ensures stability and flexibility to your business. Our Application Quality Assurance process is broadly categorized into Functional, Non-functional and Security Testing. Functional Testing involves System Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and Test Automation. Non-functional Testing includes Performance Testing, Compatibility testing,and Usability Testing. Vulnerability checks are done to ensure compliance to security.

Our Testing Methodology

Admysys has experience in software testing/application quality assurance across multiple technology domains and various industry verticals. Using our proven QA techniques and tools, we help you to improve the effectiveness of quality processes, and maximize the potential of e-business strategies. We have vast expertise in automated testing and quality assurance of Internet, Intranet and web applications and window based application. Our proven testing methodology has helped us to minimize project risk and streamline test releases.

admysys testing methodology